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Through electrified railway catenary aerodynamic lightweight high-strength porcelain insulators appraisal

June 21 organized by the Jiangxi Provincial Science and Technology Department hosted, jiangxi qianglian electric porcelain CO., Ltd developed electrified railway catenary insulators of high-strength lightweight Hongkun International Hotel in Beijing held the product appraisal experts and special invited on behalf of the courtyard is mainly the Ministry of Railways Railway Corporation 1-4 Design Institute and other units of more than 40 high-level experts.
      Electrified railway catenary porcelain insulators with high intensity light is jiangxi qianglian electric porcelain CO., Ltd by cold isostatic dry molding technology to produce high strength, mechanical damage, tolerance characteristic strong, weatherproof self-cleaning, and suitable for the rapid development of our country is high-speed electrified railway and high-altitude alpine regions with high salinity. Is our country electrified catenary with porcelain insulators in high strength and high tolerance characteristics a major breakthrough.

General Manager Liu Xiaoxing thank all of you to participate in appraisal expert.

Chief Engineer Li Qian details to the experts lightweight high-strength porcelain insulators.

Experts in the study developed by the company electrified railway catenary aerodynamic lightweight high-strength porcelain insulators product reports.


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