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Jiangxi porcelain Engineering Research Center ( technical service platform ) was established in March 10, 2009 , September 27, 2010 to obtain approval documents Jiangxi Provincial Science and Technology Department . Service platform in Jiangxi strong UMC porcelain Co., Ltd. as the main body, the Joint Luxi County , Hunan University and porcelain Industry Administration jointly established .

    Jiangxi porcelain engineering services platform is the province's electrical porcelain industry, a public service platform , the main function is to undertake national, provincial and ministerial research projects commissioned porcelain and corporate research topics related to product development, product quality supervision and inspection , incubators and technological achievements professional and technical personnel training. Service platform registered capital of 2 million yuan, a total investment of 5.4 million yuan , has bases industrial information service platform , product quality supervision, inspection and testing platform , R & D platform and logistics platform of four sub-platform , corresponding respectively to undertake external service tasks .

Service platform aims to " adhere to independent innovation, accelerate the transformation and build a platform for the industry , serve the local economy ." Jiangxi porcelain engineering and technical service platform to establish and improve the Jiangxi porcelain industry's overall technological level and innovation capability, enhance the Jiangxi porcelain products in the domestic and international market competitiveness and influence, increased market share and economic efficiency of enterprises .

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