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Built in 2006, a strong Union , after seven years of hard work , the kind attention of leaders at all levels , to achieve a historic leap , has developed into a total assets of 397 million yuan , annual production capacity of 500 million yuan , is the domestic scale the largest manufacturer of electrical porcelain . And modernization of China's national economy has made important contributions . Here , on behalf of all the staff strongly linked to all the concern and support of strong UMC leaders at all levels of development and construction porcelain and friends to express my heartfelt thanks !


qianglian Porcelain to introduce the most advanced dry isostatic molding porcelain production of new technologies , the use of high strength outer Jia Molai stone porcelain recipe , advanced spray drying tower , cold isostatic pressing machine , CNC automatic fettling machines, isothermal speed automatic flow control and a complete set of nozzles kiln testing equipment , product performance reached the international advanced level. Strongly linked to a higher starting point in the new competition in the market has provided a rare opportunity for development and broad prospects for development.


Faced with new opportunities and challenges, we will be the party's 18 guided by the spirit , in-depth study and practice the scientific concept of development, adhering to the " scientific development, the pursuit of excellence ," the entrepreneurial spirit, carry forward the " hard work, pragmatic and innovative " tradition to firm and resolute faith story to a proactive stance to seize the opportunity , the courage to meet the challenges in order to win , in-depth implementation of 6S lean management projects, creating a comprehensive model of scientific development companies , equipment upgrades and speed up the implementation pace of technological innovation , and strive to promote the common development of workers and enterprises to promote Jiangxi porcelain production base sound and rapid development and make new contributions .


We firmly believe that leaders at all levels of loving care and strong community support, full of hopes and challenges of the 21st century, one of the leading domestic and international first-class level of modern porcelain enterprises will stand in the Taihang Mountain, Fuming Sea water !


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