Jiangxi Qianglian Electric Porcelain Joint-stock Co. Ltd is located in Pingxiang city-a century production base of electric ceramics in Jiangxi province. The company cover a total area of over 365,000 and the building area of over 165,000 . Total assets up to 397million.Annual production capacity up to 280million. At present,it is one of the biggest comprehensiveness porcelain manufacturer in demestic. The company apply advanced technology of isostatic cool pressing,and use ultra-high strength ingredient.It owns advanced spray drying tower, cold isostatic press machine,full-automatic digital felting machine,full-automatic flow control ,isothermality super-speed drawer kiln and a whole set of inspection equipment. Jiangxi Qianlian ... ...

 jiangxi qianglian electric porcelain CO., Ltd new product expert opinion
 Pingxiang port enterprises led the formation of electrical porcelain porcelain industry in Jiangxi Province Chamber of Commerce
 252kV-550kV stain type of outdoor post insulators of ceramic rod through the national identification
 Indian businessmen highly acclaimed Jiangxi strong Union
 Through electrified railway catenary aerodynamic lightweight high-strength porcelain insulators appraisal
126kV Rod post insulators
252kV Rod post insulators
363kV Rod Post Insulators
550kV Rod Post Insulators
Fog Disc Suspension Insulator
  Ordinary disc suspension insulator
Stylus Series Insulator
Electrified railway Lightweight porcelain insulators
Effective integration of electrical porcelain industry together to maintain a rapid pace of development, to encourage mergers and joint production enterprises to improve production of electrical porcelain industry concentration and market occupancy rate.
Demonstrating strong UMC porcelain products obtained product certification, reflecting the quality, reliability, strong linking competitiveness, increase customer confidence is the best testimony.
Talent is a strong linking strategy of the country. As markets become increasingly fierce. In the formulation of corporate strategy, we must consider whether the implementation of strategic objectives have talent.

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